Why PIZZARELLA is the good choice?


  • No more dough parts sticking to the machine, slowing down production, like while using cold-working pizza presses.

  • No more burns on hands, like unfortunately might happen when using hot dough pressing machines.

  • Pizzarella can be easily adjusted by its operator, and can be used by anyone who’s qualified for manual work, with the least effort and maximum efficiency.

  • Has an average power consumption of 200 Watts per hour.

  • Pizzarella can form up to 180 pizza bases per hour.

  • Pizzarella complies with the environmental respect and energy saving policy always featured in Morello Forni designs.

  • In a few seconds, it’s capable of preparing a raw pizza base just like the hands of an expert pizza chef would.


Pizzarella rolls out the dough, needing just a light layer of common “00” fine grain flour on its membranes; the flour, though, won’t be absorbed in the pizza base, thanks to the edgy structure of its micro-particles.

Pizzarella in facts will retains on its membranes, in contact with the dough ball, a thin flour layer, thanks to its proprietary and breveted “ induced polarization” effect.

Backlighted image of a Pizzarella-rolled pizza base
pizza dough made with pizzarella
Backlighted image of a hand-rolled pizza base
pizza dough made without pizzarella

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