Why should I prefer Pizzarella to another dough press, or pizza former?
Pizzarella will not stress nor squeeze the dough, preserving its gluten network and gas micro-bubbles developed while leavening.

What’s the biggest pizza base diameter I can make with Pizzarella?
35 centimeters ( approx. 14 inches ) including its crust.

How long does Pizzarella take to roll out a dough ball?
Just a few seconds, as you may see in videos’ page of this site.

Which dough balls can be rolled by Pizzarella?
All those above 200 grams (7 oz), most videos show the result with 280 grams (9 oz) dough balls.

Why is Pizzarella also integrated in stainless steel cab, or in a full pizza preparation counter?
So to allow its users adding the toppings with the smallest base movement, to make the whole pizza preparation faster, easier, and more ergonomic.

Where can I test Pizzarella with the dough I prepare?
In the home page, upper left corner, clicking on “where can I try it?” you may see our showrooms’ addresses.

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